While You Were Sleeping

Can tragedies be avoided if they can be foreseen? In life, we witness small and big events. What would happen if someone can foresee every single event? In our lives, we experience many different things, big and small. We can fail a test or get into an accident. Each time something happens to us or to society, we have useless fantasies saying, "What if I had foreseen this?" There is a young woman who is able to foresee the future through her dreams. She doesn't know when it started, she doesn't know why it started. One thing she is certain of is that whatever happens in her dreams end up occurring in real life. With every passing person, if she foresees a tragedy in their future, she tries her best to stop it. This is a story about unknown heroes who use their unique abilities to save others from tragedy.

Suzy | Lee Jong Suk | Lee Sang Yeob
Oh Joong Hwan,Park Su Jin
Park Hye Ryeon