What if you're given with a chance to restart your life and make new choices again? One day, Lawyer Lee Jae Sang opens his eyes and realizes that he is no longer in the world he used to live but in a parallel world. He sheds his old life where he had been willing to do anything for his own interests and turns into a whole different person, a righteous and sincere lawyer. People all make mistakes and wrong choices and regret what they did in the past all the time. However, the present moment is the only time over which we have dominion. We can always make the right choice to straighten things up whenever we realize that we're on the wrong path. Lawyer Lee Jae Sang sends us a message that it's never too late to correct our wrongdoings and start afresh, and encourages to express our honest feelings to those around us throughout the series.

English, Portuguese
Lim Ji Yeon | Kwak Si Yang | Rain
Kim Geun Hong,Sim So Yeon
Yoo Hee Kyeong