The Return of Superman Special

The Return of Superman is a popular Korean reality-variety program which airs every Sunday on KBS2. It provides a more intimate look into the personal family lives of famous Korean celebrities. The footage is mostly captured through hidden cameras, allowing for unscripted and candid captures of the most charming interactions between the star-studded cast and their adorable children. Some of the families include Lee Hwi Jae and his twins, Ki Tae Young and Lo Hee, Sam Hammington and William, Ko Ji Yong and Seung Jae, Lee Dong Gook and his many kids, and Oh Ji Ho and Seo Heun. This variety show explains that there are two types of fathers - those who try to spend time with their kids and those who do not. This show attempts to break the stereotypical belief that a father's duty is mainly to work and bring home food.

Jung Hye Young | Lee Dong Gook | Lee Hwi Jae | Eugene
Kang Bong Gyu,Kim Sung Min,Yang Hyuk
Nam Sung Hyun,Oh Yoon Jin,Seo Yong Soo