The Real Men 300

Only the toughest will survive! The hit MBC variety program, Real Men, is back. The Korean army plans to select excellent soldiers from different units for 300 Warriors to celebrate the 70th anniversary of founding of the armed forces. New celebrity members go through the same evaluation process as the real challengers representing their units. In this season, they get to meet the soldiers from Special Forces and Korea Army Academy at Yeongcheon. Join in on the action, as they challenge their limits to become the honorable 300 warrior soldiers.

Lee Yu Bi | Kang Ji Hwan | Victor An | Kim Ho Young | Matthew Douma | Hongseok | Kim Jae Hwa | Shinji | Lisa | Oh Yoon Ah
Choi Min Geun,Jang Seung Min
Shin Myung Jin,Park So Hyun