The Nokdu Flower

Baek Yi Kang is a terror to the commoners of the town. Yi Kang has to harass the town people to earn his keep as the Family of Baek. He is the eldest son of the Baek family, and he has a younger brother Baek Yi Hyun who is from a different mother. Despite Yi Kang’s horrible personality, he is only generous to Yi Hyun. Yi Hyun has such a handsome feature, but he never shows his feelings to others. He sincerely believes in civilizations, and he regards Japan as a role model of Joseon’s future. Meanwhile, Donghak Peasant Revolution breaks out in Joseon to realize the independence of Joseon people. Yi Kang stands at a crossroads whether to live as he has been so far or to be in part of the revolution. Finally, he decides to participate in the revolution, and that decision causes Yi Kang to side against Yi Hyun.

Cho Jung Seok | Han Ye Ri | Yoon Si Yoon
Shin Kyung Soo
Jeong Hyeon Min