The Game: Towards Zero

Tae Pyung was born with the ability to see how one will die and what will happen to them right before the death when he looks them in the eye. He sees the vision about his death too. However, the ability of him doesn't work on Joon Young who is a detective at the Violent Crimes Department of Central Police Station. Since her father died when she was little, Joon Young has been keeping a scar on her heart and never relied on anyone. However, as she gets to know about Tae Pyung, she wants to heal Tae Pyung's wounds and at the same time, she wants her scar to be cured. Meanwhile, Tae Pyung finds it strange as he cannot see the vision about Joon Young's death only. He soon gets filled with fear, and finally, he's faced with the truth that he couldn't discover.

English, Portuguese
Ok Taec Yeon | Lim Ju Hwan | Lee Yeon Hee
Jang Jun Ho,Noh Young Seob
Lee Ji Hyo