Young news anchor Kim Bo Mi has always thought everything was only a tool for her to obtain her desires. Being raised as an orphan, she strived endlessly to take herself where she is at now by working hard. She's a go-getter who puts her past behind by also changing her name from Bom Yi to Bo Mi. Here's another stranger, Lee Bom. She used to be a top star actress but now lives as a loving mother and wife, always putting her family first. She retired her successful career to marry her husband and support his vocation as an assemblyman. Her husband is doing great, her daughter is adorable, and everything in the household is running in order. Right when these two women thought they were living their best lives, an unexpected turn of events happen. “Spring Turns to Spring” is a story about these two women with similar names, finding their own happiness in life after experiencing a body-switch with each other.

Um Ji Won | Lee Jong Hyuk | Lee Yu Ri
Park Seung Woo,Kim Sang Ho
Lee Hye Sun