Special Labor Inspector, Mr. Jo

Special Labor Inspector, Mr. Jo is a drama about ordinary people who fight against those who enjoy on a power trip. The abuse of power has become one of the serious social issues at the present day, and this drama shows a series of related episodes that the viewers might have either directly or indirectly experienced in their everyday life. So the viewers can relate themselves to the characters as well as the story. Special Labor Inspector, Mr. Jo portrays how those who enjoy on a power trip abuse their rights over the weak, and at the same time, this drama presents the thrill by showing how Special Labor Inspector Jo Jin Gab, the main character, helps the weak fight and bring those who abuse their power to justice. Let's find out how Jo Jin Gab, his friend Cheon Duk Gu, and Detective Joo Mi Ran will fight against the abuse of power for the good of the weak in Special Labor Inspector, Mr. Jo.

English, Portuguese
Kim Kyung Nam | Lee Dong Wook | Ryu Deok Hwan
Park Won Guk
Kim Ban Di