School Attack 2018

After a 10-year hiatus, a legendary TV show has come back for another round. School Attack, one of the most original variety show for Korean teenagers, was the only TV show that allowed teens to make their own creative programs with superstars. Now returns as School Attack 2018, it arranges unforgettable meetings between teen fans and their K-pop idols at Korean schools once again. Beloved idols visit schools in secret, make a surprise appearance in front of students. They hold mini concerts with hit songs, improvise various special events and provide beautiful, emotional memories for their young fans. The show not only has idols interact with the students, but also record for school radio, open up about living together and participate in interesting psychological tests to get to know even more about each other. Check out the students expressing their thrill and happiness when they get to meet their celebrity crushes before their very eyes.

Eun Ji Won | Son Dong Woon