We all deduce things as we go about our daily lives. Manager Park, who is suspicious about Mr. Kim’s jeans ripped at the knee and odor of grilled pork, realizes in an instant that these are not from a work engagement, but from gambling at a Chinese restaurant! The better a person reads situations and emotions, the sharper their deductions become. Take Seol Ok, a daughter-in-law who lives with her nosy, interfering mother-in-law. Seol Ok is curious—though a bit sloppy—but everyone sees her as lovely. She dreamed of becoming a police officer with a clear goal in mind, but due to her early marriage, her dream has been postponed. Then one day, an opportunity to free herself from her routine life arises. Seol Ok coincidentally begins helping Sheriff Hong solve various cases at a local police station, and gradually starts to feel the value in it as well as spine-tingling thrills. But—figure this—the next case she gets is a bit strange. The criminal is coming to catch… her? Oh my gosh! What is happening? With that, her nightmare with the never-wrong drug-sniffing dog begins!

Lee Won Geun | Shin Hyun Been | Kim Hyun Sook | Kwon Sang Woo | Choi Gang Hee
Yu Eong Eun,Kim Jin Wu
Lee Seong Min