Partners for Justice 2

While crimes continuously evolve, their cooperation also gets enhanced as well. The real and flawless collaboration among a cranky forensic pathologist, a passionate rookie prosecutor, and an experienced prosecutor gets revealed! Eun Sol, the rookie prosecutor, has become a more mature prosecutor, while Baek Beom, the genius forensic pathologist, has not changed at all. They keep working with Do Ji Han, the veteran prosecutor to investigate the mysterious Oh Man Sang case. All they have are the traces the dead left behind, their bodies. Baek Beom encounters the first “silent corpse with no traces”. As Oh Man Sang's DNA was extracted from the carbonized corpse, he has officially become a dead person. However, Baek Beom still doubts about his death. With his suspicion still remained unsolved, a year passed. Baek Beom strives to investigate and reveal the truth of the Oh Man Sang case alone. And another case breaks out and leads him and his partners to a new path.

English, Portuguese
Jung Jae Young | Oh Man Seok | No Min Woo | Jung Yu Mi
No Do Cheol
Jo Won Gi,Min Ji Eun