My Sassy Girl

Starring Joo Won and Oh Yeon Seo, this historical drama is the remake of the movie, “My Sassy Girl”, but there will be new plots with the background of Joseon Dynasty this time. It’ll be a whole new sweet romance of Gyun Woo and the sassy girl, with the famous original scenes reconstructed. Gyun Woo is a promising young man who is called the treasure of Joseon Dynasty. He has the brain, the looks, and a charming smile that can make any girl in Joseon fall in love with him. Then one day, he meets a girl unlike any other he has seen before. As a man of chivalry, when he came across a girl in danger, he couldn't help but save her. But little did he know, his life would get into a tangle ever since that moment.

Joo Won | Oh Yeon Seo
Oh Jin Seok
Yoon Hyo Je