Hyun Soo dreams of becoming a drama script writer. In order to pursue her dreams, she quits her job. Jung Sun dreams of becoming a chef. As a child, he used to get comforted by his mother's cooking. These two people meet before and after they achieve their dreams. They love each other and know how much their partner cares for them. However, this couple has difficulty with the concept of love. She is hindered by the society that tells her she mustn't love a man who's six years younger than her, and he is hindered by his own psychology telling him he mustn't love if he can't provide for her. Regardless of their situations, this man and this woman end up falling in love. They realize that love is something that cannot be stopped by society or themselves. No matter how much they try to push one another away, love keeps bringing them back together.

Seo Hyun Jin | Yang Se Jong | Kim Jae Uck | Cho Bo Ah
Nam Gun
Ha Myung Hee