It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blankets Special

Some people like to stay at home doing nothing, and they are called as “Homebody”. Let's take a look at what these kinds of people like to do at home. Some might like watching morning daily dramas at home, some get really shy around people, some do not like being recognized by others, and some are just way too busy that even getting a proper amount of sleep is a luxury to them. In It's Dangerous Beyond The Blankets, five homebody celebrities join this show to stay together and spend a holiday together. Although they share a common factor, none of them are alike each other. Actor Lee Sang Woo, Kang Daniel of Wanna One, Yong Jun Hyung of Highlight, Xiumin of Exo, and Singer Park Jae Jung move into the same house and become roommates. Will they be able to get along together?

Yong Jun Hyung | Lee Sang Woo | Kang Daniel | Xiumin | Park Jae Jung
Lee Yoon Hwa
Kim Hyun Kyung,Lee Seul,Cho Young Ji,Yang Ji In,Kim Hye Rim,Jung Ji Sun,Son Mi Na