While there are many hospitals in big cities, these small villages that lie within the islands have no medical care readily available to them. The Hospital Ship, which travels around the various islands to provide medical services, doesn’t have enough medical tools available. There isn’t even an operation room for emergency care. Furthermore, the doctors aren’t very experienced. It is a place where newly graduated medical school students go to serve the military. These inexperienced doctors fight a lonely battle to save the lives of people who are in need. One day, a doctor with great amount of experience and knowledge come on board. She accurately diagnoses patients at one glance and skillfully executes difficult operations. She does, however, have a problem with getting along with her coworkers. The series of incidents that takes place on the Hospital Ship changes the person she is and the way she looks at the world. This drama is not only about what happens inside the operating room but also what happens outside of it.

Ha Jin Won | Kang Min Hyuk |
Park Jae Beom
Yun Sun Ju