Such is life. Sometimes, you are grateful and happy that you are alive, but then you lose the reason to live when you gradually lose things or people that are dear to you. When you face hardship, you start to wonder if living just means you are walking down a path of misery. However, while you are walking down that path alone, there comes a time when you become desperate for someone's hand. That hand may save you from lingering in your own misery and may also spark the desire to live although life is full of hardship. This drama shows that exact moment when two hands reach out to each other and bloom, keeping one another warm and safe. Come and Hug Me wishes to tell the viewers that although life may not be full of miracles, there is still that small hope of its getting better.

Heo Joon Ho | Jang Ki Yong | Jin Ki Joo
Choi Joon Bae
Lee A Ram