Bad Papa

Like many fathers, Ji Cheol has two jobs. His job in the outside world is a detective who's on the serious crime squad. Unlike the team's name, Ji Cheol himself is very unmotivated and lazy. Then suddenly, things go from bad to worse when he gets himself in a pickle and has to face the possibility of getting fired. His second job is being the breadwinner for his family. However, he is not very good at this job either and is considered incompetent by both his wife and his daughter since he cannot make much money. To make it worse, his wife even asks him for a divorce. Furthermore, he gets involved in a situation and gets suspended for half a year which makes it impossible for him to support his own family, and his daughter gets into trouble and needs money to settle. Ji Cheol is in a dilemma and decides to risk everything he has in order to turn things around. Having been a boxer in the past, he decides to get involved in an illegal boxing game in order to win money.

Jang Hyuk | Son Yeo Eun | Shin Eun Soo | Ha Jun
Jin Chang Gyu
Kim Seong Min