My Healing Love

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My Healing Love Teaser 1

Im Chi Woo has been living her life devoting herself to her family. She has endured hardships only thinking about her family's sake. She has been taking care of her incapable husband who wasted time preparing for the bar exam for many times and ended up opening a food truck, and at the same time, she has to deal with her mother-in-law who always lashes and nags at her. And Chi Woo's brother and sister always rely on for every issue they get faced with. One day, she gets sick and tired of her family members and realizes that she need some change in her life. Finally, she decides to leave the family, but people who claim themselves Chi Woo's real family show up. Now how will her life change?

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So Yu Jin | Youn Jung Hoon | Yoon Jong Hun | Kim Chang Wan
Kim Sung Yong
Won Yeong Ok